ArtBAB 2017 Exhibits

Art Bahrain Across Borders, ArtBAB, is Bahrain’s international art fair. This is an international art fair that bridges the Kingdom and the global art market.

Within Bahrain there is a vibrant population of over 1.2 million which includes many Bahraini collectors, Bahraini and non-nationals art-lovers who have high disposable income keen to engage with international art.

Bahrain is uniquely positioned in the Gulf as the centre for contemporary art created by local and regional artists – by 2014 Bahraini artists were selling over 3.3 million BHD (USD $8.7 million) – growing a market eager to explore international art. There are three categories under which to exhibit – Gallery, ArtBAB Pavilion Artist, General Entry Artist.



Applications for 2018 will be uploaded soon



We welcome applications from all regional and international galleries.

Key attractions of the fair include a carefully curated VIP programme drawn up by Alistair Hicks and David Hawkins; and a varied talks and workshop programme coordinated by Janet Rady. In addition, an unique feature for the fair and for art exhibitions in the GCC area will be a multi artist video exhibition curated by Jonathan Watkins with support from Alistair Hicks. Extensive media coverage is being handled regionally by TRACCS and internationally by Curzon PR.

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ArtBAB Pavilion Artists

An exclusive initiative to support Bahraini artists, the ArtBAB pavilion will be at the centre of ArtBAB 2017 and will house up to 30 Bahraini artists who will be selected by our selection committee following submissions to ArtBAB 2017. This selection process is chaired by Jonathan Watkins.

The legacy of Art Bahrain 2015, the predecessor to ArtBAB was BAAB – Bahrain Artists Across Borders – an open call for all Bahraini artists which led to a launch exhibition in May 2016 at the Victoria and Albert Museum and featured 17 artists: Amina Al Abbasi, Balqees Fakhro, Ebrahim Busaad, Faika Al Hassan, Ghada Khunji, Ghassan Muhsin, Hamed Al-Bosta, Jamal Abdul Rahim, Lulwa Al Khalifa, Mariam Fakhro, Marwa Al Khalifa, Mayasa Al Sowaidi, Nabeela Al Khayer, Noof Alrefaei, Omar Al Rashid, Sumaya Abdulghani and Taiba Faraj.

The main criteria [for selecting the BAAB artists] were strength and originality of composition and a sense of Bahraini identity being apparent in their work. The selection shows the diversity of artistic practices in Bahrain and the solidity of their artistic traditions.

ArtBAB is committed to further developing the Bahraini art market and supporting emerging and celebrated artists.

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General Entry Artists

As well as participation from emerging Bahraini artists, ArtBAB seeks to provide a platform for more established Bahraini and international artists.

General Entry artists are encouraged to apply to take a booth at ArtBAB and exhibit a wider range of work. Entrance will be subject to approval by the international selection committee. This selection process is chaired by Jonathan Watkins.

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