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Bahraini Restaurants

With a cosmopolitan vibe, Bahrain channels its exposure to world cuisine, fashion and social trends into a lively restaurant, cultural and nightclub scene. As a visitor,  drop in at the chic Block #338 in Adliya where a fabulous cluster of stylish eateries vie for your attention, drawing from French, Italian, nouvelle Arabic, Indian, Thai and South East Asian cuisines.

Bahraini Cuisines

Tap into the exciting new revival of classic Bahraini cuisine and check out the many Bahraini restaurants that are making tasty gourmet statements.

National Museum

Do visit the meticulously curated National Museum, the Oil Museum in Awali and the beautiful collection of ancient texts and different Qu’rans in the House of Qu’ran.

Beautifully Restored Houses

Book a city tour that will take you to several beautifully-restored old houses, especially in the Muharraq area, site of the Bahrain Pearling Trail, a serial cultural heritage site inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2012.

Bahrain Fort

There is also the Bahrain Fort, remnants from the sixth century AD and the Arad Fort (circa 15th century)

Bahrain International Circuit

You can also visit the Bahrain International Centre, home of the very first Formula One race track in the region, where the F1’s thrills and expertise returns each year.

Bahrain Shopping Malls

Bahrain has plenty of world-class shopping malls, but for a true local experience, visit the Qaysariya Suq in muharraq or the Bab Al Bahrain Suq for old-style shopping of colourful textiles, aromatic attar perfumes and fragrant spices from picturtesque cubby hole shops and open-air stands.

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